What Sets B2tF Apart is “A+” parts!

At Brick2theFuture, our LEGO processing facility is equipped with a 24-hour dust-filtration system, is temperature/humidity controlled, and features a 100% smoke/pet/UV-free stockroom. Our stockroom consists of hundreds & hundreds of dust-proof storage containers, organized categorically upon our shelving arrays. We maintain a section for our own building projects, an exclusive section just for our BrickLink customers, and a backstock area—in case we cannot locate a part for an order, or need more of another. When we “run out” of a part, we can usually locate more—although this may take time, so feel free to contact us if you are searching for something that is not currently available. We will try to find it for you!

Peace out: all of the parts that we carry are pieced out from sealed sets. Occasionally we will “fill in the gaps” with preowned parts from our private collection, but such elements are always disclosed as such. To our customers: we do our best to check parts, in order to ensure our distinct quality control standard. We bag our store elements right away, into flat & uniform sheets. This action is performed just in case we think a given part may be vulnerable to any eventual storage wear, or other form of damage which may result from an extended stay in our inventory. In general, this includes tiles, LEGO glass, figures, larger pieces…among others. LEGO products are manufactured in a giant, foreign factory—the pieces travel a long distance just to get to us, and then, finally, to you. We have long therefore been in the habit of checking for potential damage, right out of the box. Just for you, we pledge to do our best to remove any such flawed elements from our sales floor—or else, at least to inform you of condition status, where applicable. Please look for the descriptor “Factory Blemishes;” you will always find such parts offered at a hefty discount, when available. We are here to ensure you consistently get the highest quality brand-new elements which are possible to obtain. Or are you not satisfied with our quality for a specific piece? If so, then please return any such items which you are unsatisfied with to our facility, at our expense.

Not Just Another Brick in the Wall

We utilize BrickLink’s Lightning Pay to ensure a faster, more efficient service. Once your order is placed, it will be carefully packed to ensure safe transit. Larger orders are separated by category or individual part, to help with your sorting once delivered. As well, specialty parts are separated into smaller bags for added protection. We never assemble figures; minifigs will arrive bagged in a special way which we are certain that our customers very much appreciate. Please note that older figures (circa 2004 and earlier) are sold by TLG with the head already attached to the torso, which we always keep intact. Printed/decorated pieces are checked to make certain that the print itself is consistent with an ideal of the design. Specific noted flaws are always stated, so that you always know what to expect.

Completed orders are double-checked by our part-picker, and by our packer/shipper, to ensure consistency and completeness. All efforts are made in order to guarantee that your order will arrive well-packed for safe delivery to your address, and arrive complete with no inaccuracy or inconsistency. We frequently use corrugated cardboard boxes to maintain secure transit through the mail system, though bubble mailers (with extra padding inside) may also be utilized. Please let us know if you have a specific shipping preference. Our goal is always to make sure that your parts arrive looking just as they left our facility—clean & pristine.

Our specialty service extends beyond just quality control. We conform to all of the standard BrickLink catalog variation types. In fact, you will occasionally find additional variations listed in our shop, as well. This is done in cases where a specific distinction is found. Please check our supplemental notations, when available, and inquire if you are uncertain about a possible variation. Our objective is to provide you with elements which differ from one another as little as possible. We perform this function to ensure maximum possible consistency amongst your models, so that they always look true to your vision. In addition to a standard part variation inspection, these extra measures may include: color tone comparisons, molding mark/vintage year checks, plastic type and opacity checks, and a final order check for overall consistency and accuracy.

Unless your final order is complex (50+ lots), or we cannot immediately locate a specific part (rare, but it does happen), we will do our best to process your order on the same business day in which it is paid for. We generally schedule USPS pickups for every other business day. In case there is any discrepancy, we will let you know right away, in order to determine the best course of action. Because our inventory is precisely maintained, issues such as these are not common. Our pledge to our customers is always to do our best to get you each and every piece ordered in the shortest timeframe possible.

Predicting the Future by Remembering the Past

You may notice some recurring terminology, which follows certain lot descriptors in our store. These are used for instances in which a slight but consistent color hue variation has been determined. With the color of Dark Red (for example), we have found a brighter version to be far more common nowadays, but have also noticed the “harder” tone, which we designate as the “BrickRed” variant. Many colors have been observed with transitional hue changes over the years—check for these notations. Please note that if no notable variation is available, no variation notations will be provided. Otherwise, we will provide you with a selection choice by organizing the variant part into separate lots. We have come up with terms for frequently observed hue variants, such as Transitional Light/Dark Bluish Gray, Diamond Trans-Clear vs. Amber Tint Trans-Clear, Sea Blue, Darker Trans-Orange, Lighter/Flatter Pearl Gold vs. Darker/Glossier Pearl Gold, Darker Dark Green, Orange-Tint Yellow, and so on.

White is one of the trickiest of colors: by now we all realize that there are many gradients for this colorless color. Some older set part-outs have yielded what we refer to as “Vanilla White,” which was relatively common until around 2008 or so. These elements appear to be the same as a modern version, but are differentiated by their plastic type, which is fabricated with white plastic pellets rather than a dyed clear plastic. Such an element will glow with a dull red/orange tone under bright light sources, instead of emitting the lighter, yellow hue which are found within current sets. Such opacity variations may not be noticeable to some builders—still, for us at B2tF, the distinction is worthy of special examination. Many other colors are affected by similar variations as well. Our goal is always to try to give you a choice, whenever a choice is possible to give. It should go without saying, but “Mellowed or Yellowed,” or otherwise discolored parts are not an issue which will affect your purchases; we only offer brand-new elements at this time.

One Rule to Rule Them All

Our minimum purchase is 15 USD (not including shipping). We prefer not to place any further restrictions on our customers’ shopping experience. However, on occasion we will receive more complex orders, therefore:

If you purchase more than 75 lots, the average lot price must total at least $0.75

BrickLink does not allow us to manually enforce this rule, so we are falling back upon the honor system :) Thank you in advance!

Fine print: if you purchase 1-75 distinct and separate lots (a “lot” is a specific part in a specific color), then your order total can add up to however it happens to add up to. If you order OVER 75 lots from us, however, your order total should equal at least $57.00, with another 0.75 per additional lot. Please keep in mind that this is only an average; the individual lot prices do not need to equal this amount. We can try to make exceptions, but if this is the case, you must contact us first with information on the specifics of what your order contains. Because our store typically stocks over 15,000 distinct parts at any given time, it is therefore necessary—for the sake of all our customers—to observe this restriction. Otherwise, it may lead to processing delays or even order cancellations. No one wants that, least of all us!

Built-in to the Brick

Please shop freely and buy as many or as few items as you would like, given our 75+ lot average requirement, of course. Do note that orders under $5 will incur a 1.50 additional handling/processing/packaging fee. Please feel free to take advantage of our many bulk discounts, and utilize our frequently-distributed coupon rebates. See our store terms for monthly promotions: if you place a big order, or shop with us multiple times, you’ll find out about these deals. We’re always doing our best to save you time, money, and headache :)

With every order we receive, we will strive to find more ways to reduce our prices while increasing our selection and processing efficiency. Some rates for certain single parts are high, but most quantity deals are competitive—and our selection, quality, custom specifications, and overall customer service is second to none. Though most of us are not here full-time, while we arehere, this is all that we do. Stop by, say hello, and help us to build! We are here to try to make LEGO even better than TLG makes LEGO—why buy a big expensive set when you only need a few specific parts from it to complete your unique MOC? So, build big and build often, we will do our best to ALWAYS be here for you.

The Good, The Bad, and The Brickly

At Brick2theFuture, we currently offer all our services to all our customers, regardless of feedback—even if it’s a negative number—everyone deserves a chance to fix their mistakes and integrate with our system. We feel that the LEGO collector’s marketplace has always been shown to be a thriving co-op of enthusiasts, aficionados, moderators, educators, stockpilers, big-time-major-domo builders…and, we appreciate all who love the One True Brick.

Still, there are always a few who seem to have materialized out from a Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy. We will identify and report any suspicious activity to our intrepid, lionhearted moderators. To everyone else, Brick2theFuture waves, and extends to you the warmest of welcomes. From all our hands, to all our fans, we wish all of you and yours a most pleasant, happy, and peaceful day. And so, let’s build something new together!